The Cornarea Wine Producing company is located within the territories of Canale, a town in the heart of the Roero, small hilly region that borders with the Langhe area.
Since ancient times it has been a wine producing territory. Cornarea owes its name to the hill where its vineyards are to be found and that has been known with this name since the year 1000: on its top, the unmistakable Villa can be seen, built at the beginning of the last century by the then Canale Mayor Mr Eugenio Grillone. It towers over the 15 hectares of vineyards that entirely belong to the company.


Una chicca nata da una dimenticanza รจ il Tarasco, passito da uve Arneis. A gem which was born from forgetfulness is the Tarasco wine, a straw wine made from Arneis grapes. It was born in 1982 from the grapes of three rows actually located at the top of the Cornarea hill; they had not been picked during the grapes harvest in order to allow the famous journalist Veronelli to see them, since they were very difficult to find. Due to work commitments, the journalist could not come. In the meanwhile, being forgotten during the busy, harvesting days, those grapes had surprisingly developed Botritis Cinerea.