The Cornarea wines are the result of a precise choice: that of reinforcing the historical relationship between local wines with their territory.

Cornarea was born in 1975, when 12 hectares of land were planted with Arneis grapes, the aim of which was saving and giving new life to this historical, autochthonous wine.

Cornarea, still now, follows the same philosophy and only makes wine with local grapes, Arneis and Nebbiolo. These grapes are produced from the same vineyards and grown on the hill bearing the same name, which have, by now, reached their full growth...

Roero Arneis d.o.c.g is made from Arneis grapes, a white, indigenous grape variety, that has existed in the area since 15th century. The Cornarea winery was the first one to invest in the effort of saving this species of vine that, at the beginning of the 70s, had almost disappeared. Its disappearance was due to the difficulty of producing Arneis wine without adequate technologies, in fact in Piedmontese the word Arneis means naughty boy. Nowadays Roero Arneis represents the strength and the deliverance of the wine-producing Roero area. 

The wine

Its extreme elegance immediately justifies the reasons why this original Piedmontese wine has been so successful.

Colour: straw yellow.

Bouquet: it has an original and intense aroma of white flowers and fruits such as pear, peach, pineapple and passion fruit.

Flavour: the same sensations appear again in the mouth, amplified by a full and harmonic taste deriving from its great structure. The Arneis full body and its persistence make this wine a unique one. The aftertaste is rich and mineral, thanks to the presence of magnesium, which is to be found abundantly in the Cornarea hill soil. It then blends with the body fruity taste, thus providing Roero Arneis Cornarea a well-balanced elegance.

Serving temperature: 10-12 degrees

The vineyard

Arneis grapes find in the Roero area its best spot, since it is a native vineyard of these difficult hills. This variety had almost disappeared but was recovered and cultivated again on the Cornarea hill, and it could be said that it pays back with grapes of extremely high quality.

Vineyard dimension: 11.5 hectares

Production per hectare: 8/8.5 tons

Variety: Arneis (100%)

Graft: Kober 5BB

Plants per hectare: 4000 plants per hectare

Type of cultivation: against espalier, "a Guyot" pruning

Average altitude: 280 m above sea level

Exposure: east, south-east, norh-east, west

Soil: sand and ferrous clay, rich in magnesium

Planted in: 1975-1977


It is an extremely versatile wine: a perfect aperitif, it perfectly matches cold and warm entrées, tasty first dishes such as risotto with asparaguses saffron or parmesan cheese, pasta with pesto or with mushrooms. It also suits cheeses, especially the medium seasoned ones, such as Robiola di Roccaverano. It is also excellent with white meats and fish: sea truffles and oysters, risotto with crayfish, while sushi and sashimi enhance its harmonic, elegant and refined taste.